About the Artist

Born in Louisiana to a visual artist father and a mother with an affinity for fashion and jewelry, Annie Moran has been interested in all things beautiful since childhood. Accomplished in painting, drawing, photography, and accessory design she received her BFA in graphic design from Louisiana State University in 2002.

Annie's affection for jewelry was apparent at a very early age. She would often probe into her mother's jewelry collection and play "dress up" with mom’s pieces, once getting herself into big trouble when she lost her wedding band! Her interest in jewelry quickly grew into a desire to create her own. Beginning with simple beading in grade school, she progressively grew her skills in costume jewelry in her spare time throughout high school, college, and her early career as a graphic designer, simply for the satisfaction of enhancing her own wardrobe.

Friends, family and even strangers who encountered her wearing her creations in public were impressed with her work and made requests for duplicates of her designs. She graciously fulfilled them and in the process created a small side business for herself.

After working in the accessories industry in New York for several years as a graphic designer, her desire to create fashion accessories continued to grow. Annie subsequently made a career change into handbag design and has been employed by several designer brands.

Never losing her interest in jewelry and the desire to create it, she began taking classes in the fabrication of fine jewelry at a Brooklyn studio, while continuing to move ahead in the corporate world as an accessories designer. After building her skills as a metal smith through apprenticeships and practice she realized that her talent and passion for jewelry must evolve into something bigger than a mere hobby. As an outgrowth of that realization Annie Moran Fine Jewelry was born.

Exuding undeniable feminism and  playful yet elegant personality, Annie's collection is characterized by unique, unexpected shapes formed in precious metals and gemstones.

photo by Adrienne Boykin